Core functionalities and shared exception objects (medpy.core)

This package collect the packages core functionalities, such as an event Logger and shared exception classes. If you do not intend to develop MedPy, you usually won’t have to touch this.

Logger medy.core.logger

Logger([name, level]) Logger to be used by all applications and classes.

Exceptions medpy.core.exceptions

ArgumentError Thrown by an application when an invalid command line argument has been supplied.
FunctionError Thrown when a supplied function returns unexpected results.
SubprocessError Thrown by an application when a subprocess execution failed.
ImageLoadingError Thrown when a image could not be loaded.
DependencyError Thrown when a required module could not be loaded.
ImageSavingError Thrown when a image could not be saved.
ImageTypeError Thrown when trying to load or save an image of unknown type.
MetaDataError Thrown when an image meta data failure occurred.